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Cost effective and efficient "In Transition" Solutions

Whether your organisation has opted for a "rightsizing" or "downsizing" approach the unavoidable truth is that if you are reading this section you have made a decision which will result in redundancy for at least some of your employees.  It is the harsh reality of today's market place.


But value driven organisations also recognise that these employees have been the backbone of their success. It is important at this time that you, as an organisation, show that you appreciate the contibution they have made and your willingness to help them succeed now.  At Consulting Excellence we recognise that cost effectiveness is a key consideration. With "In Transition" solutions you can choose from a range of Outplacement services which you can offer to your employees to help them move forward with confidence from your organisation.


Benefits of using our "In Transition" Solutions for your Outplacement needs

  • Reduce unemployment costs
  • Ease employee stress
  • Lower your risk of negative legal action
  • Help retain remaining employees
  • Improve your employment brand
  • Provide your employees the best services available


Return on Investment - Why use Outplacement?

According to a study conducted by The Center For Organizational Research (U.S.A. - a Division of Linkage Inc.) in association with Global Consultancy DBM, most organisations who use outplacement services report improvements in their organisation’s image, productivity, profits, and staff morale.


What we offer 

  • One-on-one individual coaching or group settings – you choose!
  • Customised coaching for different position levels. We can provide one level of outplacement for executives, and a different level for other positions 
  • Our expertise is offered at a fraction of the cost that larger, well-known outplacement firms demand, tailored to your budget and your people
  • Highly personal and accessible service
  • Practical and insightful coaching and information based on experience
  • A focus on clear communication, a positive atmosphere and renewed enthusiasm


We work closely with individuals to identify where their strengths and talents would be best suited – whether this is a corporate career or establishing their own business.


We provide a personal and customised service driven by the needs of the individual and not by imposing a rigid process.


Providing high quality outplacement services to your displaced employees is an investment in morale, productivity and profits for those employees who remain. The result is greater productivity and more discretionary effort from ‘survivors’. In addition, we further improve morale as we will follow through in communicating ‘good news’ back to the Client when their employees find new jobs or establish a new business.





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