Competency Framework Development

“A competent leader can get efficient service from poor troops, while on the contrary an incapable leader can demoralize the best of troops.”

John J. Pershing


Competency can be described as the set of knowledge, skills, behaviours and personal attributes required to achieve high performance in a role.  In other words, to achieve excellence.

On this basis it is the foundation which allows a distinction between poor or adequate performers and those that excel.  It differs from a traditional job description in that it focuses on how a person performs in a job rather than the specific tasks they carry out.

Consulting Excellence can work with your organisation to develop a competency framework which sets out the expected areas and levels of performance throughout the organisation for managers and employees.  This would include a complete collection of the competencies required and also the behavioural indicators related to those competencies.

Competency frameworks underpin every area of employee involvement in the organisation and are a vital element of success.  These areas include Recruitment & Selection – ensuring you get the right person, Performance Management – measuring performance and addressing underperformance, Learning & Development – identifying gaps and taking action to address, Reward & Recognition – rewarding high performers, Succession Planning, Organisational Change & Development – having a flexible, motivated, workforce.

Key benefits

  • Establishes standards of skills and behaviours
  • Lets employees know what is expected of them
  • Performance measurement & reward
  • Identifies areas of under-performance and skill gaps
  • Basis for learning & development decisions
  • Part of organisational change process
  • Can cover soft skills and technical areas
  • Measurable
  • Acts as guide to managers in assessing performance
  • Ties into corporate strategy, vision, goals and plans
  • Basis for recruitment & selection decisions
  • Increases employee effectiveness
  • More effect career management
  • Builds motivation, understanding & commitment of employees and managers.
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