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Having the right policies and procedures has never been so important for organisations.  With ever-increasing legal compliance requirements it is easy for organisations, particularly those without dedicated HR functions, to fall short of the law.  In fact, there are currently more than 30 pieces of legislation which impact the employment lifecycle.


Consulting Excellence can help your organisation to develop or revise your policies and procedures to meet your requirements.  And it is not just about legal compliance.  Good policies and procedures reflect an effective and forward thinking organisation that is striving for excellence.

Consulting Excellence will help you to devise the HR and management policies and procedures that work for your organisation.  Typically these will include: Recruitment & Selection, Learning & Development, Performance Management, Discipline & Grievance, Communication & Consultation, Attendance & Absence, Internet, Telephone and Email use, Substance Abuse, Health, Wellbeing & Work-Life Balance, Payments and Pension.  Typically, organisations need a simple and easy format to communicate these policies to their employees. This means that each employee will be well informed about their rights and responsibilities, about what the organisation expects from them and what they can expect from the organisation. This format is usually an Employee Handbook.  

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Whether you are beginning you HR policy development from scratch or already have well embedded HR policies and procedures Consulting Excellence will work with you to create an Employee Handbook that fits you organisation, its culture and its ethos.  We can also develop Manager Handbooks to assist managers in implementing your policies and procedures.


Alternatively, if you just want on or two individual policies or would prefer to tailor policies yourself check out our online products page where you can purchase a range of individual policy templates.   

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