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HR Compliance Audit

Once you consider recruiting your first employee you enter the world of HR compliance and what a complex world it is.  More than 50 pieces of legislation, regulation and codes of practice encapsulate the Employment Compliance Environment, regulating the employment relationship spanning the entire employment life cycle from sourcing candidates to long after the person has retired or left your company.


The HR Compliance audit includes:

  • A review of contracts of employment and terms and conditions of all employees
  • A review of the employment status of all direct employees and contract employees
  • Assessment of Recruitment and Selection policies and practices
  • A review of Grievance & Disciplinary procedures and practices
  • Assessment of records and practices relating to working hours and holidays
  • Review of application of statutory leave entitlement


Why do a HR Compliance Audit?

  • Ensure you practices are fair to employees
  • Reduce the risks of litigation
  • Minimise costs associated with poor employment practices
  • Avoid proscecution by NERA (National Employment Rights Agency)
  • Be ahead of Employment Compliance legisation
  • Reduce / avoid time spent on addressing employee relations issues through third party mechanisms such as the Labour Relations Commission, Labour Court, Employment Appeals Tribunal etc


Do you know if your business is HR compliant?

If you can answer No to any of the questions today you may not be fully compliant and should take steps to address the situation immediately.  Please contact Consulting Excellence today - we will be happy to provide an initial consulation free of charge to discuss the course of action necessary.


HR Compliance Basic Checklist

(This checklist is not intended to be comprehensive but is indicative of the types of compliance issues of which you should be aware. )


  • Are all your job advertisements / announcements equality proofed?  
  • Are all those who interview candidates trained and fully aware of their legal responsibilities?
  • Do all of your employees have a contract of employment setting out a statement of their terms and conditions of employment?
  • Do you treat all employees - regardless of employment status - in the same way?
  • Are all employees fully aware of their statutory rights and obligations?
  • Do you have a Health and Safety policy?
  • Do you have Grievance and Disciplinary policies and procedures?
  • Does your organisation maintain records of every employees (including managers) hours of work, rest periods and holidays?
  • Do you have a Data Protection / information handling policy?
  • Have you got an Internet Security / Email policy in place?
  • Do you have an Employee Handbook that summarises all of your employment policies?
  • Is there a Bullying and Harassment Policy in place?


For more information on HR compliance or to explore further how HR compliant your organisation is please contact Consulting Excellence today.









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