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Pursue it, set goals, and commit yourself to excellence. Do the best you can. 

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Consulting Excellence assists individuals to achieve excellence through career and personal development solutions.  These solutions are aimed at both individual clients who want to imrove their performance, boosting career prospects and organisations wishing to help employees focus on career and personal development.   


At Consulting Excellence we will provide tailored interview preparation coaching.  This training is not geared toward providing the knowledge to "cheat" the system by knowing the questions or marking system in advance but rather is focused on helping you to understand your skills and experiences and training you on how to relate them to the requirements of a role.  It is based primarily on the structured, competency interview approach and will not only provide the key to preparing for an interview but will also help to identify competency gaps and opportunities for further learning and development.


Consulting Excellence also provides online CV services and CV Preparation Clinics to help you in setting out your skills, knowledge and experiences in a professional way, demonstrating how your CV should be tailored to each role or position for which you are applying.


A significant element of career development and advancement hinges on your self-awareness.  Understanding not just your strength and weaknesses in terms of your skills and competencies but also your personal traits and how you interact with others will help you to improve your performance at work.  At Consulting Excellence we conduct Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) using Thomas International DISC profiling to aid that self awareness.





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