Conflict Resolution

"Our task is not to fix blame for the past, but to fix the course for the future."

 John F. Kennedy  


Managing the employee relationship has never been easy.  Inevitably conflict arises, be it between an employee and manager, individual employees or between groups of employees and management or the organisation.


Conflict resolution (or alternative dispute resolution) handled effectively will not only address many of the issues that have been surfaced but it can also lead to:


  • Enhanced understanding: The discussion needed to resolve conflict expands people's awareness of the situation, giving them an insight into how they can achieve their own goals without undermining those of other people


  • Increased team cohesion: When conflict is resolved effectively, team members can develop stronger mutual respect, and a renewed faith in their ability to work together; and


  • Greater self-awareness: Conflict pushes individuals to examine their goals in close detail, helping them understand the things that are most important to them, sharpening their focus, and enhancing their effectiveness.


However if conflict is not handled effectively or is ignored it can lead to increased personal animosity, breakdown of team and team working, reduced productivity, demotivation and disengagement.


Ideally all conflict should be resolved at the lowest possible level in the organisation with no recourse to outside intervention.  In reality, however, a third party is often required to reach a resolution to an issue.


With training and expertise in a wide range of such interventions Consulting Excellence can provide facilitation, workplace mediation and investigation services to assist you and your employees in resolving conflict effectively ensuring a positive working environment.

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