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Cultural Audit

Organisational Culture can be described as the set of values, beliefs, attitudes, standards and behaviours that make up the organisation.  It is often referred to as "the way we do things around here".


Your organinastional culture permeates every aspect of you business.  It impacts on all of your relationships both internally and externally.  It affects your suppliers, your employees, your customers.  It affects the level of success you enjoy as an organisation and it affects your bottom line.


Clearly then it is very important that you understand the type of organisational culture that you have.  It is also important that you understand how that fits with your current and future strategies.


It is in this context that Cultural Audits often take place, where an organisation's strategy for the future will bring about changes in the organisation.  The organisation may want to know how "change ready" employees are and the extent to which a shift in culture will be necessary to meet the new strategic goals.


A Cultural Audit will:

  • Identify your current organisational culture
  • Assess your employees attitude to a range of change issues
  • Flag any barriers to change
  • Identify areas of change needed for new startegic fit
  • Can lead to increased management effectivess
  • Involve employees in the change process
  • Help to measure the effectiveness of strategic initiatives
  • Move the organisation forward towards excellence


To learn more about Cultural Audits and how a Cultural Audit might benefit your organisation contact Consulting Excellence for a free initial consultation.


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