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What is a HR Audit?

People are your most valuable asset.  At Consulting Excellence we firmly believe that they are the backbone of any successful organisation, regardless of its size.  How people are recruited, managed, developed, acknowledged, rewarded and involved has a significant imapct on the success of your business.  If you can get the people element of your business right you will achieve excellence.  Consulting Excellence provides the advice, support and solutions that will help you to get it right.


An important element of that process is to know what your current position is; the effectiveness of your HR processes, policies, structures and systems. 


A Consulting Excellence HR Audit will collect and evaluate information about your HR processes, policies, structures and systems to determine the overall effectiveness of people management in your organisation.


How will a full HR Audit benefit your organisation?

  • Assess the quality of your HR practices, policies and procedures
  • Evaluate the level of HR legal compliance
  • Provides an indication of the contribution of the HR function to the organisation as a whole
  • Streamline HR processes
  • Can develop the professional image and underline the strategic importance of HR
  • Identify any problems or issues which may exist within the current status quo
  • Can provide a valuable stepping stone in a wider change process
  • Provide a roadmap for improvements and actions



Areas typically included in a HR Audit

  • The Recruitment and Selection Process
  • Job Descriptions / Competency Profiles
  • Performance Management Process
  • HR Policies and Employee Handbook
  • Communications and Employee Involvement
  • Change Readiness
  • Compensation and Reward
  • Turnover, Retension and Succession Planning
  • Learning and Development
  • Industrial Relations
  • Strategic Fit



Whether you are already aware of the HR issues your organisation needs to address or you feel a HR Audit will benefit you in identifying areas of change and improvement, contact Consulting Excellence today and let us help you to get the people element of your business right.  Let us help you to achieve excellence.





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