HR Basics for SMEs

This modular programme (6 day) is designed to provide SME owners / managers with the basic skills and knowledge needed to build and manage a small team effectively and within the law.  This programme may be taken as a whole or in individual modules.



By the end of the programme participants will:

• Understand their basic obligations with regard to employment law

• Have an understanding of the records they are required to keep for employees

• Have the knowledge and tools to facilitate the decision to employ

• Be equipped with the knowledge and skills to make sound hiring decisions

• Understand the basics of team dynamics and their role in leading a team

• Have some knowledge of performance management methods

• Be able to run meetings effectively

• Have the skills and knowledge to handle conflict situations constructively

• Understand the procedure when considering redundancies


Programme Outline / Modules:

• NERA & Employment Law in practice – the basics

o Employment Compliance Environment 

o NERA – what is happening now 

o NERA and the future of employment compliance 

o Key recording requirements 

o Impact and penalties


• Making the decision to employ staff?

o How do you know the time is right?

o How do you get the right person?

o Your obligations to them

o Their obligations to you – what to expect

o What if it doesn't work out?


• The recruitment and selection process

o Defining your needs

o Sourcing candidates

o Interviewing and your business

o The planning phase

o Getting the information you need

o Closing the interview

o Making the decision


• Leading your team

o Qualities of an effective leader

o What is a team?

o Roles and responsibilities

o Benefits of building an effective team

o Team performance and skills


• Performance matters

o Why have a process to manage performance?

o Overview of the process

o Benefits of performance appraisal

o Communication skills

o The appraisal structure and preparation

o The Discussion

o Problems that arise


• Effective Meetings

o Meetings – what and why

o Making meeting work for you

o Meeting types

o Roles and responsibilities

o Leading a meeting


• Dealing with conflict

o Conflict in context

o Resolution roles

o Strategies for handling

o Different styles

o Outcomes


• Redundancy – what you need to know

o Redundancy legislation – an overview of requirements 

o How to get redundancies right the first time 

o Learning from emerging trends


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