Interview Training Workshops

These 1 day interview preparation workshops are aimed at individuals who are either currently looking for a job or getting ready for a job or career move.  This interview preparation training will equip you with a good understanding of what to expect from your interview and how to maximise your success. It aims to provide participants with the strategies, knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively prepare for and perform at interview.



At the end of the programme participants will:

• Be able to outline the steps to a successful interview

• Understand what employers are looking for

• Be able to match their skills to requirements

• Know how to formulate answers to typical questions

• Understand appropriate behaviour at an interview

• Have the tools to handle nerves and difficult situations


Programme Outline / Modules:

• Interview preparation

o Knowing the organisation and their requirements

o Understanding yourself – Personal SWOT

o Matching requirement to your skills and identifying gaps

• Making an impression

o Ideal interviewee behaviour

o What a good interview feels like and what it shouldn’t be

o Personal Presentation

o Verbal and non-verbal cues

• Demonstrating your fit – Questions and your approach

o Question types

o Interview Hooks

o What they want to hear

o Using examples and telling your story

• Being in Control 

o Handling nerves

o Techniques for dealing with those difficult situations

• Closing the interview

o What questions to ask

• Follow-up and learning

o Re-enforcing your message

o Learning from experience





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