Back to employment - From Job Search to Interview

This 3 day programme is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and support to move them from unemployment to a successful job search.  It is particularly aimed at those who have recently lost their jobs through redundancy and while suitable for all levels and backgrounds it is especially relevant to middle and senior managers.



By the end of the session participants will:

•Understand themselves and their skills and competencies

•Know how to source jobs and understand what employers want

•Know how to identify job requirements and to match their experiences to those requirements

•Be able to develop and tailor an effective CV

•Have the knowledge and skills to prepare for and perform at interview

•Understand the value of reflecting on experience and learning from it


Programme Outline / Modules:

•Managing mindset

oSelf motivation

oPositive thinking and visualisation

oDealing with stress

oManaging expectations while reaching for the sky

•Learning about yourself

oSelf awareness (including DISC profiling)

oIdentifying your skills and competencies

oKnowing the strengths and weaknesses

oConsidering direction and recognising opportunities

•The job market – strategies for accessing opportunities

oConducting a job search – where and how

oNetworking & contacts

oManaging the process 

oInterpreting job requirements

•Matching yourself to the job

oTransferrable skills

oDeveloping a CV

oCover letters

•Standing out from the crowd

oPreparing for the interview

oUnderstanding the process

oTelling your story

oAnswering difficult questions

oMaking the right impression

oDealing with nerves

oClosing and questions

•Reflection and learning

oGetting feedback



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